• New TMA notices
    New TMA notices

    We have created detailed localised plans for pest control across NZ. Find out more here 

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A tidy and hazard-free farmyard is the best way to ensure that farmers, animals, vets and stock agents are working in safety, says OSPRI health and safety manager James Knapp. "We hate to admit it, but farming is one of New Zealand's most hazardous occupations, and when cattle and people come into contact in a confined space, the animal will come out better off."

OSPRI has created a framework of TB Management Areas (TMAs) that set out activity plans at a local level for the purpose of eradicating bovine tuberculosis in New Zealand

A large-scale possum control operation in the Silver Peaks area near Dunedin is an important part of the programme that will eradicate bovine tuberculosis from New Zealand.

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    Order a pre-movement test

    If the property you are moving stock from is in a Movement Control Area (MCA), you will have to pre-movement TB test your cattle or deer.

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    Strategies and plans

    The National Operational Plan for the National Bovine Tuberculosis Pest Management Plan has been prepared pursuant to Section 85 of the Biosecurity Act (1993), to give effect to the Biosecurity (National Bovine Tuberculosis Pest Management Strategy) Order 1998.

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