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    Who's OSPRI?

    OSPRI helps protect and enhance the reputation of New Zealand's primary industries through the NAIT and TBfree programmes.

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Farmers buying, selling or leasing bulls this season need to manage their TB risk.
New Zealand’s world-leading TBfree programme has made great progress towards its ultimate goal of TB eradication, and has this year been able to revoke some movement control areas. However, vigilance is still paramount. 

Southland TBfree committee member Shelli Mears says too many farmers don't know their legal tagging obligations for calves going out the farm gate this spring.

A possum control operation is due to start in the Mount Cargill area in this month. 
The operation is part of the TBfree programme, managed by OSPRI, which includes the monitoring and TB testing of herds, pest management, controls on the movement of deer and cattle in the area, research and survey operations. Possums are the main carrier of bovine TB to cattle and deer. 

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    Closed deer herd eligibility

    The new Closed Deer Herd policy was introduced for TB testing to reduce testing for some deer farmers. This is a voluntary participation programme – reviewed annually. Find out if your herd is eligible.

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    Guidelines and manuals

    Find guidelines, instructions and manuals produced by TBfree New Zealand/Animal Health Board.

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