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    Who's OSPRI?

    OSPRI helps protect and enhance the reputation of New Zealand's primary industries through the NAIT and TBfree programmes.

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The differential TB slaughter levy for cattle replaces the former cattle levy and imposes different levy rates for beef and dairy animals. The TB slaughter levy is collected to support funding of the TBfree programme on behalf of beef and dairy industries. The revised levy will be collected by meat processors, as is the current slaughter levy. The new levy comes into effect on 1 August 2016.

Primary industry leaders came together last night in Wellington to officially launch the new plan for managing bovine TB in New Zealand.

New Zealand has taken another step towards becoming TB-free with large areas of previously infected land being declared free of the disease. 

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    Order an ASD book

    If you move stock a lot then you probably need a book of ASD forms and not just a single sheet. Order one here to be posted out to you.

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    Chewcard detection and targeted control versus whole-of-area ground control for possum TB surveillance surveys

    As part of multi-faceted 3-year project by Landcare Research for TBFree New Zealand aimed at assessing progress toward TB freedom in the Hauhungaroa Range, the cost-effectiveness of detection-and-targeted-control operations for possum TB surveillance was assessed. This involved using chewcards to detect possums and placing leg-hold traps at detection sites to catch them. Outcomes were compared against those of systematic whole-area coverage using leg-hold traps or kill traps. This work was conducted between March 2012 and July 2013, and is described and analysed in this ancillary report in greater depth than was appropriate for the main report for the overall project.

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