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    Who's OSPRI?

    OSPRI helps protect and enhance the reputation of New Zealand's primary industries through the NAIT and TBfree programmes.

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The differential TB slaughter levy for cattle replaces the former cattle levy and imposes different levy rates for beef and dairy animals. The TB slaughter levy is collected to support funding of the TBfree programme on behalf of beef and dairy industries. The revised levy will be collected by meat processors, as is the current slaughter levy. The new levy comes into effect on 1 August 2016.

Primary industry leaders came together last night in Wellington to officially launch the new plan for managing bovine TB in New Zealand.

New Zealand has taken another step towards becoming TB-free with large areas of previously infected land being declared free of the disease. 

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    Closed deer herd eligibility

    The new Closed Deer Herd policy was introduced for TB testing to reduce testing for some deer farmers. This is a voluntary participation programme – reviewed annually. Find out if your herd is eligible.

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    Improving predictions and decisions with the Proof of Freedom Utility

    Landcare Research was commissioned by TBfree New Zealand to collaborate with its staff to facilitate the use of the Proof of Freedom Utility, and with their input improve predictions, facilitate interpretation of results and decision making, and optimise control and surveillance strategies. Because of the novelty of the tool and its application in the decision-making progress, several meetings were held to prioritise the specific tasks that would be undertaken as a part of this project.

    Key milestones were designed to explore three theoretical aspects of the TB-eradication decision-making process, develop the associated analytical techniques, and publish results in three papers. The three draft manuscripts are appended to this report. The second manuscript, ‘TB eradication over broad spatial scales’ is appended for reader reference only (Appendix 2): a final version will be submitted to TBfree New Zealand for formal review prior to 30 August 2014. The first and third manuscripts, (Appendices 1 and 3) have previously been submitted for formal review.

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