Molesworth Station

Molesworth Station

New Zealand’s biggest farm, the 180,787 hectare Molesworth Station, is part of a vast, mountainous landscape in the northern South Island high country. It is one of the last large farmed areas where possums and other vectors of bovine TB are still being brought under intensive control.

Molesworth is the focus of a nine-year programme of targeted possum control and wildlife surveillance, beginning winter 2017.

Cattle in snow on Molesworth Station

This large high-altitude property was originally excluded from the official pest control programme under previous National Pest Management Strategies that were initially focussed on the reduction of infected herds.


The Molesworth Station TB eradication strategy includes TB testing, monitoring wildlife infection indicators, and implementation of a rolling pest management programme.

Three updates each year keep interested communities abreast of progress and developments.

Molesworth Station newsletter - the road to TB eradication

A farm the size of Molesworth – a landlocked, mountainous area roughly the same size as Stewart Island – presents challenges for people farming and visiting the station.

A wide range of game can be found on Molewsorth Station, but hunting on a working farm isn't the same as hunting in the wild.

Find out what you need to know about hunting on Molesworth Station.


The TBfree programme’s goals for Molesworth include achieving freedom from TB in livestock in 2020, and in possums by 2027.

A variety of resources are available online and for download.

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