TBfree Wellington

TBfree Wellington

It would be nice (but not essential) to have a local feel to the header - e.g. a typical local scene - preferably agri.


Each region will have its own Detail Page like this.

The content for this should be driven by the relevant RC. It's a opportunity to provide a summary of progress (e.g. # i-herds), local vector control operations and an introduction to the TBfree committee (and local Area TB Managers?).

ZETA are currently creating these Detail Pages (it's a bit of a hassle to do so many), along with a slightly re-jigged table of the TBfree committee contacts.

The Right Col of the page should have a dynamic list of Local News and (if there are any) local Videos and Reserach. These lists are generated by adding the TBfree Tasman (or whatever) category to a news or video item so it shows up in the list.  


Meet your local TBfree committee

Peter Gaskin Chair - Federated Farmers Meat and Fibre 06 372 6805
Neil Cameron Deer Farmers' Association 06 372 5854
Leo Vollebregt Federated Farmers - Dairy 06 308 8405
Barbara Donaldson Greater Wellington Regional Council 021 976 747
Gary McPhee Greater Wellington Regional Council  027 457 5363
Andy Mathewson South East Wairarapa 06 307 8117


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