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    New TMA notices

    We have created detailed localised plans for pest control across NZ. Find out more here 

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Native species benefit from pest control ops

Postponement of operation shows ongoing commitment to working with communities to ensure views are addressed.

Shellfish unaffected by 1080 possum control operation

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    Register a new herd

    Every person owning one or more cattle or deer must register those animals as a herd with the TBfree New Zealand programme. 

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    Chewcard detection and targeted control versus whole-of-area ground control for possum TB surveillance surveys

    As part of multi-faceted 3-year project by Landcare Research for TBFree New Zealand aimed at assessing progress toward TB freedom in the Hauhungaroa Range, the cost-effectiveness of detection-and-targeted-control operations for possum TB surveillance was assessed. This involved using chewcards to detect possums and placing leg-hold traps at detection sites to catch them. Outcomes were compared against those of systematic whole-area coverage using leg-hold traps or kill traps. This work was conducted between March 2012 and July 2013, and is described and analysed in this ancillary report in greater depth than was appropriate for the main report for the overall project.

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