Pest management

Pest management

We need to reduce possum populations because they are the main vectors that transmit bovine TB to domestic livestock.  In some areas, especially in the South Island, ferret control may also be required.  It takes just one infected animal to cause a major problem in a cattle or deer herd.  Effective TB control and ultimate eradication of the disease requires possum numbers to be kept extremely low for several years.


Your local knowledge is invaluable. We want to work with you to find the best control, surveillance and detection options for your property.

Controlling possums helps to minimise the risk of the disease spreading within the possum population and to livestock.  We know if we can keep the numbers low enough for long enough over large areas, we can eventually eradicate TB.

In New Zealand, areas where TB is found in wildlife are classified as vector risk areas. We control pests in those areas from the outside-in and in July 2016 had eradicated TB from nearly 1.6 million hectares since 2011.

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