Movement control detail

Animal status declaration

All cattle (except bobby calves moving direct to slaughter) and deer which are being moved must have a signed and completed TB Declaration. This should be provided on an industry standard Animal Status Declaration (ASD) form.

If you are buying or grazing cattle or deer, it is important you check the TB Declaration first. To confirm the accuracy of a TB Declaration, or to order free books of ASD forms, call 0800 482 4636.

Useful reminders about the rules associated with ASD forms:

  • ASD forms are legally required for all cattle and deer movements. The ASD provides important bovine tuberculosis (TB) history and TB testing information for purchasers and graziers.

  • When completing an ASD form be sure to include both your TBfree herd number and your NAIT number.

  • When moving cattle or deer, you must retain a copy of the completed ASD form(s) for those animals that moved. The form must be retained for one year after the date of movement. 

  • If you receive cattle or deer, you must keep the completed ASD form(s) for those animals for the time you are in charge of the animals, plus an additional year after they left your management.

  • Slaughter processors must keep completed ASDs for four years. 

  • In 2012 the ASD form underwent a number of changes. In light of this, some older versions may still be in use. From 1 November 2013, only ASD forms dated May 2012 onwards will be acceptable. The date is visible on the top right corner of an ASD book cover and on the bottom right of the form.

Download an Animal Status Declaration form

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