Community and environment

Community and environment

OSPRI is proud to be associated with our rural community through a series of partnerships, events and sponsorships.  We also work to contribute to pest control in New Zealand in a way that results in better conservation outcomes for our native wildlife. 



The TBfree New Zealand programme is proud to take an active interest through events, sponsorships and partnerships that focus on positive outcomes for the farming community.

Look out for us at your local pest control days, pig hunting competitions or local community bird counts.


While the TBfree New Zealand programme has a goal of eradication of bovine TB, we work closely with the Department of Conservation and community groups where we can to benefit native wildlife through our pest management programmes.


Media releases

Check out the latest news from the TBfree New Zealand programme here.

Molesworth Station

New Zealand's largest farm is the focus of a nine-year programme of targeted possum control and wildlife surveillance, beginning winter 2017.

TB Management Areas

OSPRI’s TBfree programme aims to control and eradicate bovine TB from New Zealand. To achieve this aim we have created a framework of TB Management areas that set out our plans at a local level.

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