Disease management

Disease management

Anyone who owns or is in charge of cattle and deer – even if it is only one animal – has to register with OSPRI's TBfree programme.

One of the main areas of work we undertake is detecting the presence or absence of TB in cattle and deer through testing.


New Zealand is divided into a number of Disease Control Areas. Each have different TB testing regimes and other control measures depending on the level of risk of TB being transferred from infected wildlife (mainly possums) to domestic cattle and deer.

Use our interactive map to see what Disease Control Area your address is currently in.

Most cattle and deer herds are tested regularly to check they are free of TB. This helps identify herds that are infected so their movement can be restricted to stop the spread to other herds. 

All cattle and deer herds are classified with a TB status, which shows their TB history. Depending on the herd's status, different testing regimes and movement restrictions will apply.

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