Good herdowner guide

Good herdowner guide


  1. The location and ownership of every cattle or deer herd must be registered with OSPRI's TBfree programme.

  2. Even if you have only one animal, that’s considered a herd and must be registered as such. 

  3. Keep your herd details up-to-date and advise us if you buy, sell or move your herd. 

  4. All cattle and deer must be registered with OSPRI's NAIT programme and identified with NAIT-approved ear tags. When moving cattle of deer, you must record the movement with NAIT. They must also be accompanied by a correctly completed Animal Status Declaration (ASD) form.

  5. If your herd is located in a Movement Control Area or some of your herd has tested positive for TB, make sure you understand and comply with requirements for pre-movement tests before moving stock.

  6. Before you purchase or graze cattle or deer check they have approved ear tags and an accompanying ASD form.

  7. When routine tests for TB are arranged for your herd, make sure you present all animals eligible for TB testing and that your yards are safe and suitable for testing to be carried out.

  8. If your property is within a TB vector control operation area, please co-operate with our control and monitoring contractors.


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