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2018 TBfree Pest Control Operations Consultation

The consultation period for our 2018 national plan for TBfree pest control operations has now closed.

We are now working through the submissions and will respond accordingly in the next few weeks. This will also include a summary of feedback received. 

You can still download the 2018 consultation document

The document outlines the proposed pest control operations in support of the National Pest Management Plan for 2018. It also outlines the approach taken by OSPRI in relation to engagement for the TB management and eradication programme. 

OSPRI believes that it is important to undertake effective and timely consultation. This will provide an opportunity for people and organisations interested in, or affected by, our pest control operations, including landowners and land users, farmers, hunters and recreational land users to discuss any concerns they may have regarding the proposed operations. 

Submission may become publicly available information. For this reason, please indicate clearly if your comments are commercially sensitive or if, for some other reason, you do not consider that they should be disclosed. Any request for non-disclosure would be considered under the Official Information Act 1982 and the Privacy Act 1993.

Summary of feedback froim 2017 consultation

OSPRI's response to the key points raised by submissions on the 2017 TBfree Pest Control Consultation is available here.


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