Herdowner info

Information for herdowners

Anyone running deer and/or cattle on their land (even one animal on a lifestyle block) has obligations under the TB control programme. This section contains everything you need to know as a herdowner, including your statutory obligations and tips for staying TB-smart.


Your obligations

Buying, selling or moving cattle and deer? Registering a new herd? Unsure about your tagging or testing requirements? Use this step-by-step guide to make sure you meet your obligations.

Common questions

Got a question about buying, selling, moving, registering, tagging or testing cattle and deer under the TBfree New Zealand programme? Check here first, to see if we've already answered it.

TBfree committees

We support 15 TBfree Committees to maintain effective links with the farming community and stakeholders at a regional level. The committees promote the TB programme in their regions and are a source of advice and feedback to OSPRI on policy and operational issues. Contact your local TBfree committee members for information and advice on TB control in your area.

Lifestyle block owners

Don’t let bovine tuberculosis destroy your dream. If you have any deer or cattle on your lifestyle block, even just one animal, you are required by law to register them with OSPRI's NAIT and TBfree programmes. Protect yourself and your neighbours by following these six simple steps...




Identifying bovine TB

Thanks to TB testing programmes, advanced bovine TB is now uncommon in farmed animals in New Zealand. Use this guide for identifying TB in farmed and wild animals.

Good herdowner guide

Our eight-step 'good herdowner guide' will help you stay TB-smart when it comes to buying, selling, moving, registering and tagging cattle or deer.

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