Lifestyle block owners

Lifestyle block owners

If you have any deer or cattle on your lifestyle block, even just one animal, the law requires you to register them with OSPRI's NAIT and TBfree programmes. Protect yourself and your neighbours by following these six simple steps:

Kids with calf on a lifestyle block

  1. Register your cattle or deer herd: By law, you must register any cattle or deer you own and obtain an herd number. This costs nothing, and can be done easily online.

  2. Check your testing requirements: Once registered, we will advise you if, and when, your animals need TB testing.

  3. Tag your animals: All cattle and deer must be identified with NAIT-approved RFID tags. Contact NAIT to find out more. You will will require your herd number and NAIT number to order tags from your rural merchandise supplier.

  4. Provide TB testers with suitable facilities: Your animal(s) will need to be suitably restrained during testing and tagging.

  5. Complete an Animal Status Declaration (ASD) form: If you are moving any cattle or deer (except bobby calves going directly to slaughter) you will need to supply a completed ASD.

  6. Never buy cattle or deer without ear tags and ASD forms: Find out the TB status and testing history of any cattle or deer before you buy. Always insist that the seller provides a completed ASD form and that the animals are tagged.


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