Strategy overview

Strategy overview

The National Pest Management Plan (TB plan) which OSPRI's TBfree programme operates under was reviewed in 2015. A new TB plan has been set from July 2016 which sets out our new goals:

  1. Eradicate TB from New Zealand.
  • TB freedom from cattle and deer herds by 2026.
  • TB freedom from possums by 2040.
  • Biological eradication by 2055.
  1. Maintain period prevalence below 0.2%.

We need to change our operational plan to meet the new TB plan goals. We’ll be introducing new ways of running our TB testing and pest control programmes which have a greater focus on risk. We’re able to do this now because we know eradication of TB is possible, and we have more information about animal movements to support this approach.

The benefits of our updated operational plan include:

  • Full eradication of bovine TB from New Zealand.
  • Reducing costs for funders to $60 million per year, from $80 million.
  • Reduced TB testing for low-risk herds.
  • An accelerated timeline so farmers can benefit from reduced risk of disease sooner.



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