Technical Advisory Group

Meet the Technical Advisory Group (TAG)

The TBfree New Zealand Technical Advisory Group (TAG) plays a vital role in guiding the direction of our research programme, as well as reviewing all contracted research projects. All reports presented in the Annual Research Report have been reviewed by at least three members of TAG.

TAG is made up of 12 people from numerous organisations, ensuring a broad range of expertise. This role is voluntary and requires significant commitment from its members in attending meetings and reviewing proposals and completed reports. TBfree New Zealand greatly values the commitment of TAG members.

Technical Advisory Group

Bruce Warburton, TBfree New Zealand and Landcare Research (Chairman)

Bruce has 38 years research experience in pest ecology and management, working initially for the Forest Research Institute and then Landcare Research. His research has focussed on control programme optimisation, population monitoring, animal welfare and ethics.

Dr Paul Livingstone QSO

Paul has vast experience and expertise in all TB-related fields. In 2011, he was awarded the Queen’s Service Order for services to veterinary science, particularly for work on bovine TB. Paul is the TBfree New Zealand TB Eradication & Research Manager.

Dr Alastair Fairweather, Department of Conservation

Alastair has been a member of TAG since 2005. He has extensive experience in the fields of animal ecology and pest management. Alastair is the Department of Conservation Technical Advisor, Threats.

Dr Geoff DeLisle, AgResearch

Geoff has been a member of TAG since 2012. He has expertise in the fields of immunology, vaccines and diagnostic testing.

Dr Helen Blackie, Boffa Miskell  

Helen has been a member of TAG since 2012 and has expertise in invasive species management and animal ecology. Helen is a consultant for Boffa Miskell, Associate Principal and Senior Ecologist.

Dr Graham Mackereth, ESR

Graham has been a member of TAG since 2009. He has expertise in epidemiology and mathematical management. He also has knowledge of mathematical modelling. He is currently the Co-ordinator of the Health Intelligence Team at ESR.

Dr Phil Cowan, Landcare Research

Phil has been a member of TAG since 2012. He has expertise in animal ecology and pest management and is the Science Leader (Pest Control Technology) at Landcare Research.

Dr Jane Sinclair, TBfree New Zealand

Jane has been a member of the TAG group since 2010. After 26 years in mixed clinical practice, she joined the dormer Animal Health Board in July 2006 and completed a Masters in Epidemiology at Massey University in 2009. Jane is the TBfree New Zealand Area Disease Manager for the Northern North Island management area.

Kirsten Vryenhoek, TBfree New Zealand

Kirsten is the TBfree New Zealand Research Co-ordinator, responsible for managing TAG and the day-to-day management of the research programme.

Brent Rohloff, TBfree New Zealand

Brent was recently appointed to TAG in 2014 due to his vast experience in pest management. He is TBfree New Zealand Programme Manager for the Southern South Island management area.

Dr Andrew McFadden, Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI)

Andrew McFadden has been a member of the TAG since 2015. He is a veterinary epidemiologist who has been involved in investigation of new and emerging disease as part of MPI’s incursion investigation team. He has also carried out consultancy in the East Asian region since 2011 chiefly around control of foot-and-mouth disease. 

Phil Bell, Zero Invasive Predators (ZIP)

Phil was appointed to the TAG in 2015, and brings extensive experience and knowledge in pest eradication methodology (particularly with invasive mammals on islands). Phil is the Business Manager for ZIP. 

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