Your obligations

Your obligations

This section contains everything you need to know about buying, selling, moving, registering, tagging and testing cattle and deer.


Anyone with cattle or deer must register with OSPRI's TBfree and NAIT programmes - even if you only have one animal.

Bovine TB can be spread by the uncontrolled movement of infected cattle or deer. To help manage this risk, we have developed Movement Control Areas (MCAs) in which certain movement restrictions apply.

Make sure your next stock purchase or sale progresses smoothly and complies with current national animal identification regulations.

You also need to register with the NAIT programme, tag and register your animals, and record all movements of stock on and off your farm.

Most cattle and deer herds are tested regularly to check they are free of TB. This helps identify herds that are infected so their movement can be restricted to stop the spread to other herds. 

A differential TB slaughter levy for cattle will be introduced in August 2016. This means dairy and beef animals will be charged different amounts at slaughter. 

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